• Programme : Housing + offices + parking, Lille (59)
  • Location : Boulevard Carnot, Lille, 59.
  • Boulevard Carnot, Lille.
  • Calendar : Building permit.
  • Sponsor : Groupe Duval + ICADE.
  • Architecture team : Lead architect: Hamonic+Masson & Associés. Associate architect: RED CAT. .
  • environemental : DIAGOBAT (+ acoustique).
  • Paysagiste: Atelier Altern
    Images : YAM Studio

  • Cost : NA.
  • Surface : 17.000m2.
  • Team : Camille Bobenrieth
    Clément Bonnérat

Mixed-use project, boulevard Carnot, Lille

The site’s strategic location is at the confluence of motorway and rail infrastructure and the Parc Matisse. The area will become a new entrance to the City of Lille by 2022.

We have invented a project that synthesises different programmes and is well rooted in its site. The diverse typologies and programme enhance the building and propose a new way of living and working in Lille, in line with city’s ambitions. Fluidity is at the centre of the project.

The building’s curved morphology accompanies the nearby park and the organic flux that surrounds the project (pedestrians, bikes, cars, bus, tram and rail.)