• Programme : 55 meters: 19 luxury apartments + swimming pools + retail + services
  • Location : Limassol, Cyprus.
  • Limassol, Cyprus.
  • Calendar : Competition 2018.
  • Client : Masharii + The Land.
  • Architecture team : Architect: Hamonic+Masson & Associés .
  • Images: Raphaël Petit and Jean-Charles Augier

  • Surface : 6 000m2.

Limassol Tower, Cyprus

Cyprus is an exceptional territory. Sea, sun and beauty adorn its landscape and provide the opportunity for unique housing. Our proposition for the Limassol Tower seeks to capture this natural splendeur for future inhabitants.

The project rises from nature, echoed by the corolla-shaped balconies found in each apartment. Home to private swimming pools and planted green areas, they are like an independent island, but simultaneously have a direct link to the apartment. This creates a luxurious living experience, where exterior meets interior. The corolla system is also found on the ground floor green landscape; round platforms and sunshades engender a distinctive architectural concept.

The volume’s transparency means unobstructed sea views are maximized. A sliding glass door is the only element separating living areas from the balconies, meaning the feeling of being outside is possible simply by opening the window.

On the ground floor a regal entrance opens the doors to a unique living experience. We seek to enhance quality of living by offering a range of amenities: an underground fitness zone illuminated by natural sunlight, an art gallery on the ground floor and a premium spa on the first floor, all with independent entrances. Wellbeing and luxury combine to create an exclusive living experience.