Siège du Groupe Angevin

ZAC Blosne-Est, Rennes

Located at the heart of a dynamic, fast-growing district, our project, composed of several buildings with different programming (head office, housing for first-time buyers, social housing), presents itself as a true architectural landmark.

Seeking to express the values and aspirations of the Angevin company, the project overturns codes to offer a bold vision of office architecture.

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The various buildings that make up the whole development are set in the public space, offering passers-by and residents a visual experience that contributes to enriching the local skyline.

The atypical architecture is in dialogue with its immediate surroundings, while offering a dynamic and stimulating place to live for its occupants. Each space is carefully designed to encourage people to meet and exchange ideas, creating a setting for collective living.

By adopting a passive approach and optimizing the building envelope, this project aims to achieve high energy performance, minimize its impact on the environment and provide optimum comfort for occupants.

Both a remarkable architectural landmark and a future place to live, the project combines bold architecture, a strong identity and a commitment to the environment.

Construction of Groupe Angevin headoffice + social housing + home ownership

Headquarters of the Angevin Group, ZAC Blosne-Est, Rennes


Competition 2023

Groupe Angevin (North building) et Aiguillon (South Building)

Architecture team 
Architecte mandataire
Hamonic + Masson & Associates

Economist and BE Structure

BE Fluid and Environmental

BE Acoustics


Environmental approach
Biosourced building: level 1 for offices, level 2 for housing, passive building, RE 2020 Milestone 2025 NF habitat HQE, low carbon performance, clean site

North plot: 5000 m², South plot: 2000 m²