USAGES Marseille 2022


Public spaces represent the city at eye level, where one can see the people, the practices and the different uses.

After the radical attempts of the modern movement-which separated the functions of the city by hierarchizing them in order to free up the land-hygienism and safety emptied the street of most of the old uses where life had its place and where the street was a common space before being a public space.
Today, the Western city is trivialized and secured, and seems destined to lose its share of adventure and the unexpected. Can we escape the city without risks and emotions?

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“USAGES Marseille 2022” is a series of images that highlights the use of public space in Marseille.
Produced by David Trottin, Jean Christophe Masson, architects, Franck Tallon, graphic designer and students from ENSA Marseille, this series of images echoes the “USAGES” projects carried out in the cities of Mumbai, Shanghai, Paris and Tokyo.

This work is part of the “Festival de la Ville Sauvage” which takes place from September 15 to 17, 2022 at the Plate-forme, former Abitbol warehouses, chemin de la Madrague, in Marseille.
The festival is organized by the association Va jouer dehors, initiated by the architect Matthieu Poitevin.


USAGES Marseille

September 15 to 17, 2022

Conception and direction
David Trottin, Jean-Christophe Masson and Franck Tallon

Graphic design
Franck Tallon