Isère Departmental Archives


This archive building will be a symbol of the department. We sought to express this identity in a strong and immediate way.

Using the map of the département as a starting point, we created a grid pattern that we applied to the façade and interior of the project. While the vertical sections are reminiscent of a mountain landscape, the ceilings of the interior spaces illustrate the geography of Isère, its valleys, its relief and its highly contrasting characteristics.

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We wanted to express this exceptionally rich morphological identity for France. Our project is an architectural metaphor for this exceptional biogeographical nature. That’s why this building is not generic, but the expression of a site, of a department, through a strong and obvious graphic narrative. Here, a part of the Isère region is put into architecture.

Construction of the Isère Departmental Archives + logistics areas + offices + public reception areas + staff accommodation

Archives départementales de l’Isère, ZAC des Glairons, Saint-Martin-d’Hères


Competition in 2016

Département de l'Isère