Ateliers Vaugirard


Multiplicity and coherencylogement en ville.

Covered in terraces and providing each home with a garden, our project is a hedonistic building. Sensual and diverse, it embraces the site and forms its own landscape. The project is 130m long, and is a true manifestation of pleasurable living space. Providing desirability is our main focus and commitment for housing in the city.

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The building’s morphology compliments the site because of our focus on diversity, which creates a sequence within the global volume via the various inhabited levels. The linear dimension and the surrounding impact engender a range of interpretations and sensations depending on one’s proximity to the building

The work on the skyline allowed us to vary the building’s silhouette and also make use of roof space. It offers the neighbours a view of differing scales and levels, as well as providing some diversity for the inhabitants. The design plays on the idea of movement, backgrounds and multiplicity.

A building connected to the ground
The question of public space and its extension through the project was a prerequisite and is a condition that will not only invite different activities and interactions, but also establish a strong link between the shared, public space of the road and the building.

The city’s flow of pedestrians, cars and bicycles and the mixed programme (parking, retail, office space and housing) interweave and embellish the ground floor, creating an active ground level. The building’s transparency, depth and various perspectives engender a dynamism and liveliness around the perimeter of the project, consequently enriching the surrounding environment.

Complexity and diversity
We have provided diversity within the collective by creating multiple exterior spaces and apartments with a range of typologies. There are 37 different typologies for 96 apartments, meaning the repetition inherently found in collective housing projects is offset by uniqueness, which seeks to provide a sense of belonging and identity.

The introduction of outside spaces allows for different uses and practices. Offering an average of 20m2, these spaces provide residents with a plethora of opportunities, including the planting of herbs, flowers, vegetables…

This exterior depth also acts as a visual filter to reduce vis-à-vis from the neighbouring building. With a south facing orientation, our project acts as a huge hanging garden, bathed in light for surrounding neighbours to admire.