The boulevard de la Baule, like other major urban transformation projects in the area, is the starting point for the city’s metropolitan transformation.

It is a model of urbanization based on proximity to transport and services, and a relationship with nature and the landscape. It thrives on the ability of transport networks to trigger strong urban renewal and create corridors of influence.

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On a neighborhood scale, it rewrites the porosity of the fabric, resituates the heterogeneous urban factories around it, and creates local connections. On an urban scale, it is a major gateway to Nantes, the expression of a gentle yet assertive transition in the city’s expansion.

The project aims to respond to this bivalence, this dual belonging, by co-writing the near and the far, resonating the volume of the pedestrian and the great landscape, and making this project an active fragment of the overall spectacle of the metropolis.

The main aim of this project is to demonstrate the added value of controlled density in the city center. It should also be an opportunity to extend the ’re-enchantment’ of a district that is in the midst of renewal, and to ensure that the new buildings are part and parcel of the city park.

Construction of 97 apartments + services + offices

Symbioz, ZAC Boulevard de la Baule, Saint-Herblain


Completion in 2023